The Leverage Service Experience

The Leverage Service Experience is unique.  It’s like the feeling you get when you go home for Thanksgiving.  You don’t use it everyday, but when you do it feels comfortable and familiar.  The person you talk to knows who you are and what you like.  They know how you like to be treated and how you want your computer to work.  The service experience at Leverage sets the tone for the entire relationship.  We see ourselves as friendly guides through the wilderness of technology.  This service delivery is not easy.  It takes a lot more than a friendly attitude to achieve an experience that makes you question every other service you receive in your life.  

To deliver world class service we must operate like a well-oiled machine behind the scenes, but feel like a one-on-one IT guy when working with clients.  It’s a difficult dichotomy.  The Four Seasons is world renowned for its service.  Here’s how they do it – Service Culture – .  Here’s how we do it:  

Keys to the Leverage Service Experience:


  • Treat every client like a family member
    • Make them feel comfortable with asking a question.  Too many people fear looking foolish and never learn the proper answer.
  • Focus on the goal to achieve – not the problem to solve
    • Sometimes the standard steps for resolution won’t work.  We get the job done no matter what it takes.  Sometimes that means we solve the problem by changing the context altogether.  
  • Over-communicate!  
    • With complex systems and lots of people it’s easy to lose track of the ball.  We make sure to keep everyone informed at all times with a complete audit trail for service reviews.
  • Be consistent
    • We have to make sure our clients know they can always count on us to answer the phone and make their lives easier.  That simple focus gets lost too often, but we keep it front and center.  
  • Set realistic expectations and meet them
    • Our motto is under promise and over deliver.  We make a point to give clients the right expectations so everyone feels good about the solution.
  • Filter decisions through Company Values instead of Policy
    • Nothing upsets me more than dealing with a person that hides behind policy when faced with a common sense decision.  We live in a world that is handcuffed by policy and legal jargon.  We make a point to consider things from a human perspective and uphold our core values.

Some of our clients have spoken openly about our service.  You can see their comments here or you can see some videos here.  Take a moment to meet the folks that deliver the service here.  

If you’re tired of dealing with insensitive service providers come talk to us and discover the difference – sign me up!  

Leverage Service Experience 

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