The cost of complacency: lessons from the Ernest Health data breach

Ernest Health

When it comes to your digital health and safety, the line between being protected and being vulnerable can be alarmingly thin. The recent cybersecurity incident at Ernest Health Inc., a Texas-based network of rehabilitation and long-term acute care hospitals, starkly highlights this reality. The breach, executed by the notorious Russian cybercriminal group LockBit, compromised vast amounts of sensitive patient data, … Read More

AI — is it time for your company to add it? In a word, yes

AI for SMBs

AI isn’t just the latest buzzword; it’s a revolutionary tool reshaping how businesses operate (or at least how they ought to be). Yes, ChatGPT and Gemini (and all the others) are all over the news, but it’s not just a media story… it’s a new frontier for commerce. And if you’re on the leading edge of that frontier, there are … Read More