• In business, the only constant is change. Managed IT Services are not a luxury only afforded to Fortune 500 companies anymore. It's readily available and is necessary to gain a competitive advantage in the modern market.

  • At Leverage, we believe the future of technology empowers companies to increase production and creativity through collaboration and accessibility.

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Our Leverage Is Yours

Based on the managed IT services plan you select, our efforts will include some or all of the following components:

Dedicated Account Team

  • CIO

    Guides long term strategy and development of your infrastructure to fit your business needs and goals.

  • IT Manager

    Integrates company strategies into the support system and standardization.

  • Project Manager

    Creates project plans to implement initiatives defined in the Technology Roadmap.

  • Support Manager

    Fields helpdesk and support requests from all employees to resolve issues.

  • Centralized Services

    A team of technicians that monitor and proactively resolves issues before they impact production.

Business Impact

  • Standardized Infrastructure

    Within the first 30 days you will have a Microsoft- and Cisco-certified infrastructure based on industry best practices.

  • Measurable Support System

    This support system gives you the information you need about your infrastructure and employees to make strategic decisions.

  • Best Practices Security Policy

    Leverage will remove and/or fill all gaps in your technology security policies based on MCSE best practices.

  • Disaster Recovery System

    Your company data will be immediately protected to ensure the safety of business operations during the transition and rebuilding.

Technology Roadmapping

  • Mobile Integration

    Enhance employee production by making business functions available from any location and device.

  • Disaster Tolerance

    Implement systems that will allow your business to overcome any level of disaster and continue operating.

  • Integrated Communications

    Synchronize communications between phone, desk, email, mobile, video, and others for increased production.

  • Website Analytics

    Track visitors on your website to target marketing campaigns by showing origin, usage, and returns.

  • Cloud Applications

    Move critical applications to the cloud for enhanced accessibility, survivability, and security.

  • Surveillance & Security

    Incorporate these systems to increase safety of personnel and assets while encouraging compliance.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us put together a proposal that's perfectly made for your company's IT support needs.

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