The Quantum Process

Our process uses Five Service Delivery Areas to guarantee measurably superior results with your business technology. Each area has a specific role to play in your technology success.

Tech Alignment Manager

Your day to day Tactical IT Management Resource

Technology Alignment
Frequent Site Visits
Workflow Integration
Compliance Measurement
Proactive Resolution
Employee Training

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Your Strategic guide for Business Technology

Technology Roadmap
Strategic Guidance
Business Impact Measurement
Performance Reporting
Budget Planning
Risk Identification

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Professional Services

Specialized group focused on new IT initiatives

Implement new Technology
Project Planning
Office Relocations
Upgrades and Updates
Training & Orientation

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Support Services

Reactive support people for immediate help

Remote Helpdesk
On-site Service
How-to Questions
Alerts Management
After Hours Support
Proactive Communication

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Centralized Services

24 hour monitoring service built to resolve issues proactively

Infrastructure Monitoring
Patch Management
Backup Systems
Cloud Services

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Cyber Security

24 hour monitoring service built to resolve issues proactively

Cyber Risk Analysis
Compliance Reviews
Dark Web Monitoring
Breach Alerting
Incident Response

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The Managed IT relationship is broken — so we fixed it

For much of IT servicing’s history, your managed IT service partner worked on a time & materials basis — you only paid your partner (or called them) when things went wrong. The only time they delivered time or materials was when it came time to troubleshoot a problem.

But by that time, it’s too late; you’re already losing hours (if not days or weeks) of productivity while your IT environment is down or compromised.

While it may have seemed to be a beneficial (and cheaper) arrangement, the incentive relationship is actually backward — the more the IT company gets called, the more money they make. It’s not in their best financial interests to prevent problems before they arise; it’s better for them when they’re needed more, not less.

That’s why we inverted the model. We want our every thought, strategy and solution to align with our clients’ best interests. To that end, we partner with our clients on a flat-rate, monthly pricing structure that rewards reliability, predictability and uninterrupted up time. In our working relationships, the onus is on us to keep you healthy, happy and productive — if we can keep your IT environment stable and efficient, everyone wins.

That may appear to be a small shift in working models, but it delivers best-in-class ROI results for our partners.

Most of our clients operate service-oriented companies, meaning their #1 cost is usually labor. In these scenarios, if their employees can’t work or perform at maximal efficiency because of IT issues, the company’s labor costs are being wasted while their margins shrink.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, we build IT environments defined by stability and predictability. We test every client environment often and rigorously to ensure peak reliability.

Because if you rarely have cause to call us — and your IT just works without you having to think about it — your focus is where it should be: increasing productivity and bottom line results.

Timing Is Everything

Common Client Implementation Timeline

First 30 Days

  • Standardized Best-Practice Infrastructure
  • Network Diagram & License Management
  • Executive Summary IT Performance Report
  • Measurable Support System (24×7)
  • Enterprise-Level Security Policies

At 90 Days

  • Stable and Scalable IT Systems
  • 93% Reduction in IT Issues
  • 99% Server & Application Uptime
  • IT Performance Reviews

In 9 Months

  • “Anywhere Access” to All Systems
  • 99% IT Infrastructure Efficiency
  • Technology Roadmap (TRM) Goal Reviews
  • Complete Disaster Survivability

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Architecture / Engineering
Construction / Development

Information Technology
Marketing / PR
Oil & Gas

Real Estate
Software Development
The Arts

What We Do

We believe that our clients should expect their technology to enhance their ability in the workplace, not hinder it. We strive to provide the kind of service you would be proud to talk about.

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