The CrowdStrike Outage: A Wake-Up Call for QA


If you’re anything like me, you had frantic friends or family last week — flights canceled, hospital records inaccessible, public transit MIA… You might not have heard of CrowdStrike previously, but you sure have now. They released an update that caused all sorts of chaos, and (unfortunately for them) it’s a great lesson in how important QA testing is when … Read More

Understanding the xz Utils Backdoor hack that almost broke the internet

xz Utils

If you’re anything like me, you love a heist film — the plotting, scheming, planning, having to execute everything at an incredibly high level to pull it off and not get caught… it’s great. What’s not great? When the heist is your business, your data, or maybe even worse, the entire internet. That’s how big the xz Utils backdoor hack … Read More