Leverage and Lindstrom Complete First Full Quarter as Combined Entity

Merger Image

Leverage Technologies has built its services with emphasis on strategic planning, while Lindstrom grew its practice upon a reputation for reliable IT systems and support. The merger has come about based upon a long-standing relationship started in 2010. The new Leverage Technologies will have strengthened capabilities to include on-site IT support, an in-house escalation path for deep technical support, and … Read More

Does Your Business Need High-End Videoconferencing Technology?

Videoconferencing technology has never been better than it is right now. I could write the same sentence next year and it would be 100% accurate. In other words, videoconferencing technology is improving by leaps and bounds every year. Is your business taking full advantage of modern videoconferencing technology? Here are some things to consider before making that investment. What Does Modern … Read More