Flexibility is King: Why MSPs Are Essential for Modern Business Growth


Imagine this: You’re paying for an all-inclusive gym membership… but you’re only using the treadmill. Frustrating, right? Now, think about your business — there’s nothing worse than paying for services or resources you don’t need… except for maybe not having the resources and support you need to grow your business or adequately serve your clients. That sentiment extends to your … Read More

New reporting requirements for cyber breaches — what you need to stay compliant


It’s no secret that our rapidly-aging Congress are often well behind the times technologically speaking. That said, they actually have made some fairly substantial progress on the cybersecurity front legislatively. So much so, actually, that companies are having to completely rethink their entire defense posture in light of new legislation; specifically, with new reporting requirements from both the Cybersecurity and … Read More

Crafting a Customized Cybersecurity Defense Posture: A Legal Perspective

Defense Posture

The protection of your and your customers’ data is no longer just a matter of best practice — it’s a legal imperative. With federal and state statutes such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) setting out guidelines for cybersecurity, it’s crucial for businesses to not only safeguard their and their customers’ data but also … Read More

The cost of complacency: lessons from the Ernest Health data breach

Ernest Health

When it comes to your digital health and safety, the line between being protected and being vulnerable can be alarmingly thin. The recent cybersecurity incident at Ernest Health Inc., a Texas-based network of rehabilitation and long-term acute care hospitals, starkly highlights this reality. The breach, executed by the notorious Russian cybercriminal group LockBit, compromised vast amounts of sensitive patient data, … Read More

AI — is it time for your company to add it? In a word, yes

AI for SMBs

AI isn’t just the latest buzzword; it’s a revolutionary tool reshaping how businesses operate (or at least how they ought to be). Yes, ChatGPT and Gemini (and all the others) are all over the news, but it’s not just a media story… it’s a new frontier for commerce. And if you’re on the leading edge of that frontier, there are … Read More

Embracing 5G: How It’s Transforming Business Technology

5G isn’t the next step up the staircase… it’s a leap from landing to landing. And as we delve deeper into the era of digital transformation, the advent of 5G technology stands as a pivotal milestone. The revolutionary network technology is not just an upgrade in speed — it’s a gateway to a realm of new possibilities for business technology. … Read More

Giving thanks in 2023

Pumpkins on a leafy field, propped against hay bails

As the CEO of Leverage, a leading managed service provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I find myself in a unique position to reflect on  2023. It is the season for giving thanks, after all… and despite the surge in cybersecurity incidents that have dominated headlines, there is much to be thankful for. First, I am grateful for our resilient … Read More

Cyber Resilience in the DFW metroplex: Emerging Threats and What to Do


In the last few months, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has seen an uptick in cybersecurity incidents that pose significant threats to businesses and public sectors alike. Just the last May, a ransomware attack wreaked havoc across Dallas, shedding light on the alarming gaps in our cybersecurity infrastructure. Our comprehensive analysis of the incident highlighted the urgent need for fortified cybersecurity … Read More

Cybersecurity threats soar in 2023: The cyber stats you need to know

Cyber Stats

Cybersecurity is no longer a “nice to have”… it’s mission critical. A friend of mine sent me a staggering — and I do mean staggering — collection of statistics last week that really hammered this home for me (which I’m calling “cyber stats”). But, despite companies taking greater and more frequent pains to protect themselves, the numbers speak a chilling truth: … Read More

MGM Cybersecurity Breach: An Important Lesson for SMBs


Everything is interconnected today. Our phones talk to our computers, our cars, our refrigerators, our locks, our lights… The same is even more true for businesses — systems are designed to be integrated, creating seamless platforms and layers of connectivity to make working easier, more efficient, etc. But with that increase in connectivity comes a heightened threat from cyber threats … Read More