Embracing 5G: How It’s Transforming Business Technology

5G isn’t the next step up the staircase… it’s a leap from landing to landing. And as we delve deeper into the era of digital transformation, the advent of 5G technology stands as a pivotal milestone. The revolutionary network technology is not just an upgrade in speed — it’s a gateway to a realm of new possibilities for business technology. … Read More

Giving thanks in 2023

Pumpkins on a leafy field, propped against hay bails

As the CEO of Leverage, a leading managed service provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I find myself in a unique position to reflect on  2023. It is the season for giving thanks, after all… and despite the surge in cybersecurity incidents that have dominated headlines, there is much to be thankful for. First, I am grateful for our resilient … Read More