24×7 Circuit Monitoring

Increase business uptime with 24×7 Circuit Monitoring Most businesses need the internet to operate in today’s market. If your business relies on the internet to function then circuit monitoring should be part of your disaster recovery planning to help protect that resource as much as possible. Here’s how we help our clients do that: Monitor the Connection 24×7 Create Service Tickets … Read More

Telecom Clients

Why Choose Leverage for your Telecom Solutions? We work for your company, not the telecom providers. This enables us to negotiate aggressive pricing and put your company’s best interests first. We take a proactive approach to technology. By looking into past strengths and weaknesses we help predict the most reliable and efficient way to handle them in the future. We … Read More

Cloud Applications

The “Cloud” is here to stay. Why are cloud applications becoming so prevalent? Companies around the world are taking advantage of cloud-based applications because it gives them the ability to scale as needed without the capital outlay. It also gives them the stability they want without the massive support staff. Furthermore, these companies gain accessibility from anywhere by the nature … Read More

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Memories we compile in life can be neatly organized into a timeline of events. This concept is the inspiration behind our Backup and Disaster Recovery system. Imagine a brain void of the ability to retain memories – how would you survive? Fortunately, your memories are safe with Leverage. Business data stored on servers, critical documents from workstations, internal emails and confidential … Read More

IT Management

In business, the only constant is change. Modern technology is not a luxury only afforded to Fortune 500 companies anymore. It’s readily available and is necessary to gain a competitive advantage in the modern market. At Leverage, we believe the future of technology empowers companies to increase production and creativity through collaboration and accessibility. This approach to IT Management establishes … Read More