Why hackers target you through IoT, how to spot a breach and how to protect yourself


In our most recent post, I walked you through the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) from a consumer perspective before relaying a seemingly crazy anecdote about the increasingly creative (and nefarious) ways hackers are using IoT devices as access points to otherwise secure networks safeguarding sensitive data. It’s an important first step — recognizing IoT as the vulnerability … Read More

The Cloud is NOT for Everyone

The cloud concept has a lot of momentum lately, but it’s not the right solution for everyone.  So what determines if the cloud is right for you?  There are a few key characteristics of your business that will push you towards a cloud implementation.  How far you go is determined by your need for those characteristics.  The important thing to … Read More

Technology Pain Threshold

I’m always surprised by the difference in pain thresholds between companies.  One company will put up with all sort of terrible atrocities in their infrastructure and never say a word.  Another company will raise hell the moment a printer doesn’t work.  I suppose this is a matter of culture, but what is that actual impact on the business?  The Emerson-Ponemon … Read More

Data Backup Testing

We recently went through a new client acquisition that required us to use backups to install their new server because the old server was in the cloud far away.  The process was pretty painful because the former IT company didn’t have proper backup systems in place.  This made me think of some other issues we’ve encountered with backups for new … Read More

24×7 Circuit Monitoring

Increase business uptime with 24×7 Circuit Monitoring Most businesses need the internet to operate in today’s market. If your business relies on the internet to function then circuit monitoring should be part of your disaster recovery planning to help protect that resource as much as possible. Here’s how we help our clients do that: Monitor the Connection 24×7 Create Service Tickets … Read More

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Memories we compile in life can be neatly organized into a timeline of events. This concept is the inspiration behind our Backup and Disaster Recovery system. Imagine a brain void of the ability to retain memories – how would you survive? Fortunately, your memories are safe with Leverage. Business data stored on servers, critical documents from workstations, internal emails and confidential … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan

Strong businesses have strong disaster recovery plans. Want to improve your business’s ability to avoid the unexpected? Here are 5 easy tips you can implement today to improve your business’s disaster recovery plan for better business continuity. Read on to learn how our team thinks about business continuity. 5) Avoid Process Driven Disaster Recovery Plans One of the biggest problems with … Read More