Leverage and Lindstrom Complete First Full Quarter as Combined Entity

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Leverage Technologies and Lindstrom Technology Join Forces to Provide Strategic IT Services to Clients Across the Southwest Region

DALLAS, TX, December 28, 2017 – Leverage Technologies and Systems, LLC and Lindstrom Technology Company have announced they are successfully completing a full quarter as a combined entity. The two organizations officially merged on October 1, 2017 to provide a strategic IT focus and enhanced technical strengths for their clients.

Leverage Technologies has built its services with emphasis on strategic planning, while Lindstrom grew its practice upon a reputation for reliable IT systems and support. The merger has come about based upon a long-standing relationship started in 2010. The new Leverage Technologies will have strengthened capabilities to include on-site IT support, an in-house escalation path for deep technical support, and strategic IT roadmap planning.

Shane Lindstrom founded Lindstrom Technology in 2003 with a home base in Oklahoma City, OK, and delivered IT services with a focus on customer service. Lindstrom grew strong client relationships by delivering deep technical expertise and an efficiently managed infrastructure. As early as 2010, Lindstrom also provided on-site resources and escalation support for Leverage clients.

When asked about the reasons for the change, Shane said, “The merger of our two businesses brings complementary skill sets under one roof. Our pre-existing clients in Oklahoma and Texas are now benefiting from the best of both companies.”

Joshua Sadler launched Leverage Technology in January 2010 as a managed services provider to create sustainable IT systems. His goal was to allow business leaders to focus on strategic decisions instead of fighting daily technology issues. Starting in a home office and growing into their current commercial office space in North Dallas, Leverage has made rapid and significant improvements while supporting IT operations for its clients.

Joshua shared thoughts about how clients have responded to the news by saying, “Leverage clients are now experiencing an elevated level in service delivery, and have responded very well to our step towards continued improvement.”

Mr. Sadler is originally from the OKC area, and has wanted to be able to expand a presence into that market. The two companies started talking about joining forces in March 2016, and discussions gained momentum in February 2017. Today Leverage is excited to announce a successful first quarter as a combined entity. The new Leverage Technologies is helping its clients achieve business goals in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, Tulsa, Denver and Oklahoma City, along with supporting satellite offices in Florida, California, Tennessee, Georgia, New Jersey, and Illinois.

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