24×7 Circuit Monitoring

Increase business uptime with 24×7 Circuit Monitoring

internet circuit monitoringMost businesses need the internet to operate in today’s market. If your business relies on the internet to function then circuit monitoring should be part of your disaster recovery planning to help protect that resource as much as possible. Here’s how we help our clients do that:

  • Monitor the Connection 24×7
  • Create Service Tickets for Outages
  • Notify You of an outage
  • Track Outages over a given time period
  • Provide performance information

Get back up and running faster!

circuit board

When the internet goes down you need to know as quickly as possible and get it running again immediately. Here’s how Leverage can make that happen:

  • Open a Carrier Ticket Upon Outage
  • Notify Key Contacts of Outage
  • Provide technical information to Carrier
  • Help troubleshoot circuit failures

Leverage can make all this happen within 5 minutes of a circuit outage.

Examine performance with utilization reports

circuit utilization reports

Make sure you get what you pay for by tracking the performance of your circuit over the weeks and months. Here are some key performance indicators available:

  • Number of Outages
  • Time taken to restore service
  • Circuit Downtime
  • Service response time
  • Bandwidth available
  • Line errors