How to Prepare for BYOD

As a managed services provider, we get a lot of questions about how to prepare for BYOD.  Clients are worried about the liabilities associated with employees bringing their own devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc) into the workplace.  Some companies have external restrictions that make this unviable, but most can do it with a few simple tips.  

4 Tips on How To Prepare for BYOD:

  • Secure your network:

    • It’s important that you have the proper network security before you allow foreign devices in.  This means you need to have a proper firewall with daily security definition updates, wireless networks that are properly secured and encrypted, and a remote access system that is password protected and encrypted.  This will help prevent those new devices from laying eggs of corruption on your network.
  • Make sure you have Email Continuity:  

    • Email continuity can mean many things, but in this case we want to make sure that all emails are being backed up properly in case of theft, corruption, or deletion.  The risk here is that the mobile device might fall into the wrong hands or the owner might go rogue and try to destroy or steal company emails and information.  Which leads us to our next tip…
  • Use Device Control Agents:  

    • Make sure you have some level of control over all devices accessing your network and information.  At minimum, you should be able to remove your data and access from that device without the permission of the owner.  Some systems allow complete which would allow you to lock, track, or even wipe a device that fell into the wrong hands.  This is critical and non-negotiable.
  • Have a BYOD Policy:  

    • This addresses the legal issues that might come up in the worst case scenario.  We provide a section for our clients that specifically points out their rights to remove company data from a user’s device without permission.  It also puts legal liability on the perpetrator in the event of a dispute.  Don’t forget to put this in your employment agreement.  

BYOD Infographic

Be sure to take a look at our infographic with some helpful data about BYOD.  It’s just a matter of time before almost all companies will provide devices to employees or allow them to bring their own.  Make sure you’re prepared.  

If you have questions contact me or anyone else on the Leverage team and we’ll be happy to help.