Find Employees that Fit

Leverage is in a service industry, and service is provided by people.  So the most important ingredient for our service recipe is the people that provide the service.  We can have the best technology and the best processes with the best plans, but if we don’t have great people then none of it matters.  People are the glue that holds our system together.  Our people are taking the calls late on a Wednesday evening or getting up early on Saturday to deploy a replacement server.  It’s those people that make the difference between an enjoyable experience or regrettable experience with Leverage.  One of my favorite publications, Harvard Business Review, points out that many organizations pay lip-service to the value of their people, but usually treat them as a necessary cost of doing business (ref:  Harvard Business Review).  Find Employees that Fit 

To find these people we have learned to recruit on personal characteristics rather than certifications and skills.  Taking a page from Tom Landry and Tex Schramm, we recruit people on characteristics and teach them the specifics of their position.  The theory is similar to the football greats.  We can teach someone how to fix computers, installs servers, troubleshoot firewalls and more.  However, there is no way we can teach someone how to have empathy for a client’s issues.  We can’t teach someone to wake up motivated for the day.  We can’t force someone to be passionate about the work they do.  You either have it or you don’t.

How we recruit at Leverage:

  • Background in Life:  where have you been?  Where did you grow up?  What was your childhood like?  What did you do before this job?
  • Personal Values:  What’s important to you?  What is off-limits to you?  
  • Recreations:  What do you do for fun?  How do you unwind?  
  • Relationships:  What people are in your life?  Why those people?  What do they mean to you?   
  • Desires:  What do you want out of life?  What do you enjoy?  What do you hate?
  • Goals:  What do you expect to achieve at Leverage?  What after Leverage?  
  • Work Ethic:  How hard do you work?  What hours do you keep?  What do you do work on when you’re not getting paid by Leverage?

You can get to know our team better right here:  Your Team.  You can learn more about our process for evaluating clients here:  Our Process.  Contact us here to schedule an evaluation of your infrastructure and information flow:  Get Quote.  

Find Employees that Fit 

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