Technology Alignment Mgr

Technology Alignment is one of our five, core service pillars. What it looks like in practice is you have a dedicated compliance officer from Leverage who visits you every month to deliver, monitor and maintain the predictability and stability you deserve. They work through an exhaustive compliance checklist we’ve honed and perfected through years of applications and hundreds of client engagements. Our expert then presents weighted areas of risk that pinpoint disruption potential before it happens, as well as the relative prioritization that ought to be associated with each area for improvement.

For instance, if you don’t have battery backups for your servers, that’s a critical risk. If you lose power, you can lose reams of data as well as find yourself with a crippled IT environment. But if all your Microsoft licenses aren’t aren’t properly documented? That’s a marginal risk — it’s not great; we don’t want that, but it’s not mission critical to the health of the entire firm to mitigate this risk immediately.

We’ve developed our compliance protocols over years of client engagements and tested our those protocols thoroughly: We have data-backed results proving that high compliance scores from us correspond to higher predictability and reliability for you.

More than that, though, having a monthly relationship with a dedicated compliance expert means they gain an intimate understanding of your work environment. They learn about your daily routines and work habits, as well as the types of pain points that don’t rise to the level a service ticket. We provide tips, adjustments and suggestions to make your daily IT just a little bit easier to use (and more secure while we’re at it).

That type of relationship further adds to an environment of predictability and reliability for you while increasing our accountability in the process.

When we say ‘success through process’ at Leverage, this is what we mean. We rigorously field test our methods and apply exacting statistical analyses to our processes. We developed a predictable pathway to reliable IT environments for our clients, which means you spend less time worrying about IT while improving your bottom line in the process. And, when your employees’ systems just work, it makes for a happier and healthier team to boot.