Support Services

Everything we do at Leverage Technologies hinges on disruption prevention — the more stable and predictable your IT environment, the less time and money you sacrifice to service disruptions. For most of our clients, whose #1 cost is labor, the longer their IT environment is down, the more their profit margins shrink. As such, we give you every tool and best practice to keep your employees happy, productive and most importantly, working.

But issues invariably come up, even in the best-designed IT atmospheres. It can be user error, machine malfunction, or a host of other localized issues, but they can and eventually will happen. That’s why we have a best-in-class support service desk — always on — to help you through any and every issue as it arises.

We install an agent on each machine within your company to make it easier to log service requests from your desktops. It’s an intuitive and convenient process for logging and addressing non-critical service issues. When you need immediate or even after hours assistance, thought, we have a centralized helpdesk manning the phones with English-speaking Americans to help you through whatever issue is currently impacting you.

We strive to handle every inbound request with the utmost speed, professionalism and efficacy. We understand how detrimental downtime can be to you and your business, so that’s why we take our helpdesk so seriously. We know speedy resolution can be the difference between finishing a critical project or closing a big deal. Moreover, when any part of your technology stack doesn’t work, it’s just stressful! For individual employees and business managers alike, when your computer, smart phone or network isn’t behaving as it should, it’s frustrating — anxiety inducing, even. We’ve solved thousands of problems for clients over the years; we have the expertise and professionalism to solve any of yours.

The bottom line is that Leverage Technologies prevents more fires than most managed IT companies put out, because that’s a more effective and cost efficient way to serve our clients. But when a fire does arise, we’re also the best in the business at putting them out quickly, successfully, and with as little interruption as can be expected.