Professional Services

In the life cycle of any company, there comes a time to either expand or upgrade your technology footprint. For companies growing via increased headcount and/or geography, that can mean bolstering the backbone hardware and services HQ relies on, or it can mean building out the tech specs for an entirely new field office. Whenever something technological falls outside the day-to-day operations or maintenance of your company, that’s where our professional services unit comes in.

With too many tech projects, a vendor’s statement of work is nebulous. They’ll list everything you want to accomplish generally, sure, but they lack the specificity to ensure real accountability. It’s easy enough to write, “install new field office servers, six user machines, backup functionality, videoconferencing and cybersecurity” into a statement of work, but the how of those items makes as much a difference as the what or why.

That’s why our project managers always submit a detailed and thorough punchlist showing you each step along the way — from blank page to fully functioning field office (or whatever your upgrade or expansion is) — so you can track progress yourself and know what to expect every step of the way.

We have built, installed and maintained hundreds of enterprise IT environments — we know what machines, what systems and what protocols will best serve your business and deliver the most uninterrupted uptime possible. Our data-driver, analytical approach ensures we’re always and continuously testing these configurations, so what we deliver has been tested, improved and proven out hundreds of times over before it ever reaches your office.

Then, instead of “delivering” your project vis-a-vis a handshake and an invoice before going about their business, we check every single line item off that punchlist right beside you. This ensures you understand exactly what we’ve done, why we did it, how to use it, and it allows us to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Even more importantly, though, it also ties us to a well-defined scope and cost structure. With far too many vendors, without a rigorously defined roadmap and punchlist, scope creep sets in and the resulting prices soar. Our approach ensures that doesn’t happen. You get a battle-tested technology solution, exactly as you requested for the price agreed upon.

Most mid-size companies don’t have the bandwidth or expertise for many core technology stack expansions or upgrades. That’s when having a trusted technology partner with a professional services offering can be a godsend — if we already work with you, we know your IT environment and how to make it better or bigger already. And if we don’t, we have a data-drive, analytical approach guaranteed to produce what you want, how you want, when you want for how much you expect.

We hard code a process-mindset into everything we do at Leverage; put that attention to detail and accountability to work for you.