Centralized Services

If there’s one takeaway from our approach to managed IT environments it’s this — being proactive is the most effective way to reduce downtime, keep your employees happy and keep your profit margins healthy. If we can prevent a potential problem from impacting your IT environment before an outage or downtime occurs, you suffer no disruptions. Any managed IT provider can troubleshoot a problem once it’s happened (some better than others), but a next-level partner can diagnose and prevent those problems from happening in the first place.

That’s why our centralized services are so important to our approach (and vital to the health of your IT environment).

To begin with, we have robust monitoring services throughout each client IT environment so we have up-to-the-minute updates of each critical system in your technology stack. If your power goes down, we know about it and can alert you to the impact implications. If the Internet goes down, or worse, one of your servers goes down, we get instant alerts through our monitoring platform to begin evasive action immediately. We don’t have to wait for you to tell us something is wrong before we get to work — the second a system is impacted, we’re working on it.

But monitoring your systems and receiving an alert that a server has failed isn’t proactive — and being proactive is where we stand apart. Most managed IT providers won’t address those things which aren’t impacting production yet. Leverage, on the other hand, diagnoses the warning signs and early indicators of trouble on the horizon and addresses those potential pain points before they become actually painful.

For instance, if we see a process or utilization above 80 percent in a virtual server environment, we know to increase the processing power available or to investigate for malware chewing up those processing resources. Being proactive means that if we notice a drive in a RAID array is beginning to show failures, we replace the drive before the entire array goes down.

In addition to the larger-ticket systems we monitor, we’re also monitoring your software and firmware versioning to ensure every system and machine is patched against the latest digital threat vectors. We’ve installed anti-virus and anti-malware software on all your machines and are monitoring them in real time to troubleshoot any potential breaches or issues before they impact your IT environment. We’re tracking your backup systems to make sure no possible breach or future disruption has the potential to be catastrophic. Taken together, our centralized services give you the best chance of heading off disruptions before they occur.

Our rigorous IT compliance curriculum, paired with our best-in-class proactive monitoring platform, ensure you have the most stable and predictable IT environment possible: That’s what being a great technology partner is all about.