Chief Information Officer

Having a time-tested, data-backed process for identifying risks is great, but it doesn’t do anyone any good unless those insights come with action items.

That’s where our CIO comes in.

Once we have a full, exhaustive compliance assessment in hand, the CIO reviews it line by line to determine the risk priorities, assess primary areas for improvement as well as develop a strategy to holistically and thoroughly address those risks.

At the end of the strategy phase, we’ll deliver a technology roadmap you can be sure will address every technology need you know about, as well as the ones you might not. We weigh critical areas of risk against your budgets and timelines to best balance speed, reliability and affordability. We address the most critical issues earliest in the roadmap, and progress down the risk scale as the roadmap unfolds.

In the end, we want to make sure we deliver the most stable and predictable technology work environment possible, and the roadmap ensures that’s what you will receive.

We take your budget and the technology roadmap, then present you with a financial impact assessment for those upgrades — that way you can understand and track the ROI metrics for that roadmap.

As part of the roadmap, we also do a deep dive into your performance of service as it stands now: How many service tickets do you have per month? Is that trending up, neutral or down? How many issues are you having per person? Is one employee throwing out far more tickets than others? Is there a particular machine requiring more service than all the others?

We compile all that, and then cross reference our compliance review stats against our service performance stats to make inferences and conclusions about your technology environment. If we can isolate and understand what’s driving a particular trend, we can address it more effectively. That’s how we ensure your environment is predictable and reliable month after month.

By honing this data-rich approach through hundreds of client engagements, we’ve developed the ideal process to deliver a strategy and course of action to get you to the most stable and predictable technology environment possible. That way, you can focus on running your business, instead of worrying about your IT environment running you.