Should you be working with an IT Managed Service Provider?

Why an IT Managed Service Provider adds Value Can an IT Managed Service Provider add value to your Business with or without an Internal IT Department? Absolutely. The “we call the IT guy when we need him” model of IT support is a thing of the past. IT companies that work in, what is referred to as the break/fix model, … Read More


Cybersecurity is one of the most important things to worry about when it comes to business IT operations.  With the advent of the “Cryptolocker” and the other Ransomware virus’s that have become prevalent since September 2013 the potential for loss is at an all-time high. Not only do these new ransomware viruses lock up the system they encrypt the files … Read More

More than Just Healthcare; How HIPAA Affects All Industries

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, has been a term of concern for the past few years for every healthcare provider and individual.  Congress enacted HIPPA in 1996 to ensure the efficiency and standardization of healthcare as well as to enhance access to healthcare. What most business owners do not know is that HIPAA affects everyone. HIPAA affects … Read More